What is Transgender/Voice Affirmation Therapy? 

Voice affirmation therapy focuses on changing aspects of the voice including pitch, resonance, and intonation. It can also incorporate nonverbal communication such as gestures and posture. It prioritizes safety, to avoid harm or strain on the vocal mechanisms.

Who can benefit from voice affirmation therapy?

Anyone who wishes to align their voice to their gender expression. 

Why should I see a speech language pathologist for voice affirmation therapy?

A speech language pathologist is an expert in all areas of communication including voice. They can help you achieve your voice goals safely to prevent future or further injury to the voice. Changing your voice on your own could result in your voice sounding rough or raspy, and/or completely losing your voice.

When can I start voice therapy? 

Voice therapy can begin at any time. There are no pre-requirements to starting voice affirmation therapy. Therapy can be used instead of or in addition to surgery or hormone treatment. 

What should I look for in a provider? 

There currently aren’t any additional specific certifications in transgender/voice affirmation therapy. Look for a speech language pathologist who has specific experience treating clients in transgender/voice affirmation therapy. Ask about their assessment/treatment process and past patient experiences, and look for someone who focuses on treating the individual as a whole, not just the voice. 

Where can I find more information? 

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association has articles regarding the assessment and treatment process of gender affirming voice therapy. 

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