Our virtual speech therapy sessions are available for anyone wanting to change their voice to match their gender expression. Sessions are tailored to our clients’ needs and strengths with privacy and flexibility. Our client relationships are at the center of everything we do. Our relationship with you is as important as your speech therapy goals!

Why speech therapy?

Change your voice on your own could result in damage to the vocal mechanisms, causing your voice to sound rough or raspy, and/or completely losing your voice. A speech therapist can help you safely change all aspects of your voice, the words you are using, and your non-verbal communication, in addition to or instead of surgery and hormone treatment.

Areas of focus for Voice Affirmation Therapy:

  • Pitch — how high or low your voice sounds
  • Resonance — the quality of the sound of your voice
  • Intonation — the rhythm of your speech
  • Rate — how fast or slowly you speak
  • Volume — how loudly you speak
  • Nonverbal sounds — such as coughing or laughing
  • Nonverbal communication — such as gestures

Additional areas of communication include:

  • Language — the words you use
  • Speech sound production how clearly you say sounds
  • Pragmatics — the social rules of communication

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